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International Marketing and Emerging Technologies


Targets - Co Fe B (Etched)
Custom Thin Film Coating Systems
Coated Drills - Wear Resistant and Inert Surface
Space Shuttle Tiles - Yttria Stabilized Zr
Rotatable Targets - Flat Glass Coatings
Turbine Blades

The Emerging Technologies that we offer are ready for use in a variety of applications, industries and markets as we concentrate on developing strategic and joint venture partners between North America and Japan or Europe.

Our RF Components and Rotatable Sputtering Targets are used worldwide and on a variety of major coating systems around the world. International and domestic marketing, strategic planning and market diversification are just a few of our services.

Management, marketing, strategic modeling of start-ups, optimizing current businesses to developing systems for sustained growth is augmented by our experience and success in Intellectual Property inception, development and monetization.

Emerging Technologies

Check out our Emerging Technologies section. Familiarize yourself with our unique materials and technologies.

In addition to our listed portfolio of technologies, Aultimut International is available to consult and augment your staff in creating custom solutions.